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The EMS Advantage

  • EMS has built many long standing relationships with some of the industry’s largest and financially secure Third-Party Administrators, Insurers and Reinsurers.
  • Our Company employs the latest in cutting-edge technology and tools in order to swiftly and effectively respond to industry evolution and changes in market conditions with an innovative, first-to-market approach.
  • Allow one of our EMS representatives to schedule a presentation with you and your leadership team to demonstrate what makes EMS the clear and obvious agency choice when it comes to long term F&I growth and profit development for your dealership.

The EMS Approach

What we do?

EMS specializes in maximizing F&I growth potential and successfully developing long-term wealth strategies for its dealer partners.

How do we approach the problem?

• Retention  Tools
- Prepaid Maintenance Programs
- Deductibles - Reduced and Disappearing at Selling Dealer

• Reputation Management Programs

• CSI Follow-Up

How We Do It

The EMSDD team implements training to include Sales, Finance, Service and Accounting. We identify the specific goals and objectives for the dealership and customize action plans to ensure their successful achievement. The formulation of the products and services offerings are initially built based upon the talents of the individual team members and what best fits the strengths of the dealership as a whole. Moving forward we continually monitor, measure, analyze, and enhance the products, programs and procedures to maximize profitability while building increased value for consumers.

Why choose EMS?

The EMS Executive Management team has collectively over 100 years of combined industry experience. With our wealth of applied knowledge, an extraordinary line of products, and our structured profit participation programs our dealer partners are rewarded with financial security and take pride in the successful operation of their dealerships.

Dealer Profit Participation Programs

All About Retention

A recent industry study on Service Retention found that roughly 81% of customers who purchased a Vehicle Extended Service Contract from a dealer will elect to have subsequent future repairs performed by that same dealer. Moreover, another study found that 77% of consumers who choose to have their service and repairs performed by a specific dealership, will buy their next vehicle from that same dealer.

Customer Retention Services

  • Prepaid Maintenance Programs
  • Deductibles - Reduced and Disappearing at Selling Dealer
  • Reputation Management Programs
  • CSI Follow-Up
  • Theft Guard Product w/ Down Payment Benefit

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Dealer Profit Participation Programs

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Note: All Services are also available to Fiduciaries, Finance Companies, Credit Unions, Insurance Providers and Finance Brokerages. We offer Private Label, White Label and Producer Branded programs as well. Ask for Details.

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